Traveling Together

One of our favorite activities is to travel of our first trips was to Amir's birth country, Egypt...Amir says that nothing in the world is as beautiful as the Pyramids...
Marco went to Brazil for work and we decided to spend a week in the we are playing Tarzan!
The sun is too strong in Sicily...Marco had to use a funny hat!
For Marco's 40th birthday, we went with Paola to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.
Marco has skied since he was a kid...he was very excited for Amir to learn...and Amir did we are in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Marco met a porcupine on the slopes!
Marco also loves to show Amir his birth country, we were in Naples. 
Now, it's Anna's turn to learn how to ski!
Our love for travel has infected Anna too...she took her first flight when she was 6 months old...destination Hawaii!
The flight was more than 10 hours long...but any self-respecting traveler brings books along!
Finally, the Ocean!
Marco wanted to bring Anna to Italy, especially Florence, his hometown...Anna had a blast at the Uffizi!
New Zealand was our longest trip together...we spent three weeks criss-crossing the country...Anna was a great sport!
In December 2016, we went to Mexico...we traveled all over Yucatan by car, spending time at the beach and visiting Mayan temples...above everything, Anna loved the boat trip to watch the flamingos in Celestun lagoon