Amir's Work

Amir studied journalism in Cairo, London and New York he is at his graduation at Columbia, with Marco and his cousin.
Amir used to work for a radio is broadcasting for the radio...and, right, he's having fun on the air with our friend Paola...
Amir now works for a very large news organization. He has interviewed many important people, including Tony Blair.
Before passing away, his father Makram came to visit from he is sitting at Amir's desk.

Marco's Work

Marco studied economics in Milan, London, and New York City. After finishing his Ph.D., he taught at university for six years. Here he was preparing for a graduation ceremony.
Then, he worked for an international organization teaching economics to government officials from different countries, like India...
Now he does research for a major bank in NYC. He has a big office with a lot of books and papers. Since his work involves a lot of numbers, he had a whole wall made into a white board so he could write on it!
Often, he gives speeches at conferences....Amir says that when he speaks in public, he has a funny Italian accent...