A Letter to You



Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and consider us as adoptive parents for your baby.

We are Marco and Amir. We have been together for nine years. We live in New York City, in a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.

Amir was born in Egypt. He first moved to America when he was 19 to study journalism. For many years, he hosted a show on the radio and now works for one of the biggest news organizations in the U.S.

Marco was born in Italy. He moved to America 19 years ago to study for his Ph.D. in economics. He spent many years teaching at a university before moving to an international organization, and finally to his current job. He does research on the economy for a large American bank.

We enjoy going to the theater, watching movies, traveling and skiing. We both love books and have many in our home. Every night, no matter what, we have dinner together. Most of the time we prepare a home-cooked meal, but we also eat out sometimes.

Although we have many things in common, our opposite characteristics are what most attract us to each other. Amir is outgoing and social. He loves meeting new people and talking to them! Marco is a bit shy at first. But Amir quickly fell in love with his caring nature, thoughtfulness and wit. Marco provided him with a comforting home environment. Amir especially appreciated this when they first met, as his mother had recently passed away


In 2014, we adopted a baby girl, Anna. She has a contagious smile! She is always laughing, giggling, and running around the house. Over the last two years, we devoted our lives to learning how to be her parents. In many ways, Anna became like us...she eats with us every morning and every night, she is very affectionate, and she enjoys going around on trips and traveling...We both enjoy spending time with her a lot...even the hours spent going up and down a slide in the playground: something we never thought we'd be crazy about before she came in to our lives!

We would like to raise our children with the values that our families gave us: hard work, education, honesty, and kindness. We want them to grow up to be fun people who enjoy their friends, playing around, and having a laugh. We also want them to be very close to each other...we are both very close to our siblings and we hope our children will be as important in each other's lives. We believe that an open adoption is better in the long-term, but are willing to explore whatever relationship you are comfortable with.

We are very excited, even a bit anxious, that you are reading our profile. All parents want to give the best life to their child, and, trust us, we are no exception. We thank you for considering us and whatever you decide, we send you and your child our best wishes and warm hugs!

Marco and Amir